PierTech Systems is revolutionizing the construction industry again by introducing the high capacity Hercules Pile. The pile is a patented large diameter pipe pile that delivers greater stability and capacity than ever imagined. Many engineers thought that the tensile strength was only suitable for residential or light commercial applications, but the Hercules Pile is shattering those assumptions.

The Hercules Pile supports up to 500 tons and retains all features that make traditional helical piles easy to work with. Low noise installation, hassle-free minimal excavation requirements, all-weather installation, and zero vibration installations are features that help to not negatively affect other building foundations. 

This makes it the perfect choice for commercial applications, including large construction projects up to 10 stories high.


  • Supports between 200,000 and 1,000,000 Pounds
  • Can be installed in any weather
  • Zero vibration installation
  • Low noise installation
  • Available in 4-inch to 48-inch diameters

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