Heli-MAX Grouted Pile

Introducing HELi-MAX Grouted Pile – The Ultimate Solution For Your Soil stabilization needs.

With our patented pile and grout swivel technology, you can expect high-pressure grout and constant pressure during installation. Here are some key features of our product:

Key Features:

  • Patented pile and grout swivel delivers high-pressure grout
  • Constant pressure during installation
  • Ability to install with helical pier equipment
  • High skin friction
  • Competitive with other soil stabilization methods such as micro piles, augercast piles, and ram aggregate piers
Heli-max grouted pile

But why choose HELi-MAX Grouted Piles?

  • Large grout column formed around the pier in displaced soils
  • Injected compaction grout increases the density of surrounding loose soils
  • Forms a bond to the steel shaft to prevent structural settlement in varied soil strata
  • Ultimate capacity of 3 1/2 OD and up to 90 tons
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Heli max grouted pile

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