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Efficient Foundation Solution for Decks, Fences, and More

Helical piers offer a robust and rapid foundation solution for decks, fences, sunrooms, and various other structures. Departing from the traditional practice of using poured concrete piers, which often lead to frustration and project delays, helical piers present a game-changing alternative.
Gone are the setbacks caused by unfavorable weather conditions that hinder hole digging and concrete pouring. These delays, coupled with the curing time of concrete, can considerably prolong construction timelines.

Why Choose Our System?

  1. Our helical piers have undergone rigorous testing and refinement in the demanding realm of commercial construction. Trusted by architects, construction companies, and builders throughout the United States, the PierTech array of foundation repair solutions offers a comprehensive resolution to a multifaceted challenge.
  2. Implementing the our system translates to swift and effortless installation. Say goodbye to curing periods and the need for concrete—resulting in potential labor cost savings of up to 50%.
  3. The Deck and Fence system, incorporating fully adjustable post brackets, can be set up using compact equipment. Moreover, it eliminates the necessity for precision positioning during installation.

Experience a streamlined and efficient foundation solution that ensures your projects move forward promptly and smoothly.

deck and fence services



1- Lightweight
2- Easy to install
3- Fully adjustable
4- No concrete or welding


1- Patented connection saving up to 50% in labor costs
2- Torque is fully contained in the coupling
3- Zero bolt hole elongation during installation
4- Complete steel on steel connection
5- Superior strength and lateral stability
6- Reduces installation times up to 50%

System: Cross-Lock System

Patented solutions for new and existing foundations for a deck or fencing project

Features / Benefits

  1. Our Cross-Lock System can save you up to 50% in labor costs
  2. No concrete or welding
  3. Fast and hassle free installation
  4. Foundation not susceptible to frost heave
  5. There is no need to wait for curing before starting construction
  6. Can be installed with small equipment
  7. No need to hit a precise location
  8. Fully adjustable

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