CROSS LOCK CONNECTION / Round shaft helical piers offer superior strength and rigidity making them the ideal solution for compression applications. The problem has always been making the connection safely and quickly, as torque increases the holes begin to deform causing further delays in the installation process. Consequently, the installer spent more time making the connection than installing the pile.

Our Patented Cross Lock Connection was awarded ESR-3969 from ICC-ES for our 2.875″ diameter helical pile system. The connection instantly aligns and locks in place, eliminating the issue of lining up bolt holes or wasting time threading a bolt through a deformed hole. The Cross-Lock allows installers to simply connect and quickly continue the installation process.


Cross Lock Connection Advantages

  • Instant alignment
  • Complete steel on steel connection
  • Torque is fully contained in the coupling
  • Zero bolt hole elongation during installation
  • ICC-ER (ESR-3969) Certified
  • Superior strength and lateral stability
  • Reduce installation times up to 50%

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