About Us

about us


For over 17 years Pier Tech has been leading the Helical Pier industry with innovations in helical piers and high capacity helical piles to a complete line up of equipment and accessories, we provide the construction industry with the highest quality, most versatile and economical stabilization products.

Our helical piers and piles are suitable for residential and commercial applications. They are routinely used to seal the smallest cracked wall, provide a solid, stable platform for industrial grade towers, support boardwalks in dry or wetlands, deep foundation piers for new construction and underpinning for existing buildings. PierTech Systems is the manufacturer of choice for engineers throughout the world.

Using ground-breaking, patented technology, PierTech Systems manufacturers its own line of helical piers, piles, anchors, and helical piering accessories. Our piers are available in both round and square shafts and are available in numerous diameters. All of our products are backed by the PierTech System’s commitment to performance and reliability.

What are helical piers?

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